San Antonio del Desierto—Stabilization and Redevelopment Project

Pueblo Unido and La Union Hace La Fuerza implemented a Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System to provide drinking water for the residents.

Community leaders  known as “La Union Hace La Fuerza”, began an effort to improve the living conditions at San Antonio de Desierto, a 95 unit mobile home park in substandard conditions. The residents are  one of the first farmworker communities established in Mecca, Riverside County. This is another example of a community driven initiative and collaboration in the eastern Coachella Valley.  Residents were concerned about the lack of drinkable water due to high levels of arsenic naturally occurring in the underground.

Under the management of Pueblo Unido CDC, critical improvements took place in the first year. The project consists of two major stages: Stabilization of existing conditions, and redevelopment of 136 new spaces, and a community park, learning center and child care facility.

KDI volunteers teach children to paint tires

Pueblo Unido CDC values the critical participation and involvement of children. As part of a comprehensive rehabilitation effort, a community garden has been initiated with the participation of children and adults. The garden serves as a model of sharing and cooperation that will help children and parents to be involved in improving the living conditions at the park.  Thanks to the leadership and innovative ideas by KDI, a non-profit organization, the recycled tires were used and transformed into planters for the garden.


Pueblo Unido CDC works in collaboration with other non-profit organizations towards the implementation of this important project.