Building sustainable communities in the Eastern Coachella Valley


Building Sustainable Communities for the Future

  • Rural Habitat

    Rural Habitat is Pueblo Unido CDC’s new affordable housing initiative which integrates community participation and engagement to find viable and alternative solutions for housing preservation and new construction using green building practices and cost effective approaches.

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  • Rural Infrastructure Program

    The Rural Infrastructure Program (RIP) provides viable solutions to access alternative and cost effective infrastructure to provide drinking water and sanitation using two main approaches: a) Consolidation to municipal service for cluster communities near to existing point of connection systems or in the path of development, and b) Decentralized systems to service remote agricultural communities where municipal service is financially unfeasible.

  • Pueblo Unido CDC Community Driven Model

    Early in 2009, PUCDC initiated a new model of community work that has, as a primary focus, the support for community driven projects and self-initiative towards building a healthy environment for families and children. PUCDC’s main assets are its strong and well-established community relationships, which constitute a long term commitment to improving the quality of life; technical expertise in proposing viable solutions; and a strong spirit of collaboration with public agencies and other non-profit organizations.

  • Disadvantaged Communities

    The mission of the Disadvantaged Communities Infrastructure Committee (DACIC) is to secure access to safe affordable drinking water, wastewater and flood control services in disadvantaged Coachella Valley regions through strategic planning, funding procurement, needs assessment, and reporting – all in collaboration with community members, stakeholders, and local non-profits. A Disadvantaged Community is defined by the State of California as a community with an annual median household income that is less than 80 percent of the Statewide annual median household income.

Polanco Communities: sustainable infrastructure and affordable housing

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