Success Story: Community Leaders Establish Pueblo Unido Community Development Corporation

San Jose Community Center Water Tower

The Eastern Coachella Valley (ECV) has a profound and rich history of civil rights movements and leadership development. Many community residents have been devoted to advocacy, organizing, and leadership to resolve the most challenging issues impacting their community. The role model established by exemplary leadership has created the natural conditions to continue looking for new alternatives, adjusting to new changing environments and introducing new ideas in efforts to seek viable solutions to problems that continue to inflict negatively on the quality of life in the ECV.

The ECV have been successful in producing new generations of Americans that are currently involved in a different array of work in the area of education, health, business, and public service. They are now called to contribute to improve the living conditions of their families and consequently to improve our rural America.

San Jose & Bea Main Community Center youth dancing group

Our community leaders have evolved and developed a new philosophical view where the work of many sectors (and most importantly community participation and leadership) is critical to generate resources. The collaborative work from different stakeholders is considered the foundation of the united work from the community that brings a compelling array of talents, experience, and resources.

The establishment of PUCDC constitutes another success story for the ECV and a catalyst for many successes to come.