The Eastern Coachella Valley is comprised of four unincorporated rural communities: Thermal, Oasis, Mecca and North Shore. The large majority of residents are agricultural worker families and they represent the local labor force that contributes approximately 430 million dollars a year in agriculture to the region. Farm workers constitute the back bone of our national food system sustainability. But despite their remarkable contribution, these hard working communities live in pervasive poverty with challenging water and wastewater conditions and few economic opportunities.

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Polanco Communities: A History of Resilience and Sustainability

Farmworker families have consistently sought help and support throughout the last fifteen years. Their initiative to seek their own affordable housing and improved quality of life for their children due to the lack of affordable housing opportunities has been commendable. This is the fundamental reason the eastern Coachella Valley houses the largest population of Polanco (twelve units) mobile home parks in California. PUCDC offers a distinct approach in responding to their needs. Combining community organizing, education and technical assistance we are promoting healthy and sustainable rural communities.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Pilgrimage

Polanco communities march at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Pilgrimage to raise public awareness about the need of critical infrastructure including drinking water and wastewater resources, and environmental issues including air quality and toxic dumpsites.